Man In Kayak Hears Splash, But Doesnt See Massive Fish Flying Through Air Behind Him

Do you like to fish? I, myself, have never gone fishing, but I imagine the sight of a large fish is exhilarating. And by large, I mean something that could take up an entire boat.

Of course, a lucky person in the right place at the right time can make the discovery of a lifetime, or have the experience of a lifetime. Take a look at this diver who was able to swim with orca whales, or the time a perfectly timed camera recently caught a massive shark flipping through the air! The man in the video below had a similarly awe-inspiring aquatic experience, as he caught the moment he tried to reel in a sailfish, one a lot larger than he expected.

The young man was kayaking the waters of Palm Beach, Florida, with fishing rods littering his kayak.

He was obviously on the hunt for some fish and wanted to capture his amazing discovery.

While his line was in the water, he heard a huge splash behind him.

Luckily his camera was on, because in the moment he turned his head, the massive sailfish plunged back into the water, trying to break free.

The chase begins, until finally the fish comes up by his kayak, and the fish nearly drives the kayak under!

Just wait until you see the awesome beast this lone fisherman reels in!

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